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"Usually I am a bit hesitant with recruiters nowadays...but Ryan is the complete opposite of your average recruiter.


Ryan goes all the way and even a bit further. Pointers just before the interviews. Aftercare calls to see how everything went. This is really great for someone applying for a job. So many thanks!


And yes you can rely on Ryan to deliver."

"Relocation was a vital decision when taking up a new job, moving from Austria to the Netherlands, and Ryan helped me to analyse its advantages and how this move would help me to explore my technical aspirations.


Ryan is an amazing professional, who brings all the skills and expertise into the field.


It has been almost a year since I started my new job  and I am thankful to Ryan for his assistance in finding me this job which suits my skills and my career growth."

"I got to know Ryan over the years and he’s the absolute best! Working in cyber security, you get a lot of recruiters who want to connect with you. I am a bit reluctant usually, but my experience with Ryan is totally different.


He knows the industry, the key people and the best jobs. Not only is he a top professional but also a really nice guy. If he makes a promise, he keeps it. He will guide and help you to be the best candidate you can be."

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